Northern Virginia’s Premier Obstacle Course Race Training Facility

Obstacle course racing [OCR] is the sport that mixes running and obstacles to challenge your mind and body in a unique way


Just starting out?

    • First, pick a race. Pick a race with a reasonable distance and sign-up for a non-elite heat. Whether you sign up alone or are part of a team, commit to signing up.
    • Second, sign up for OCR training classes where you will mix running, strength training, and obstacle skill work.
    • Third, COME TO YOUR FIRST CLASS! Meet with one of our professional OCR instructors and discuss the goal you are working towards. Our instructors will help form a realistic training schedule based on any level of fitness.
  • Lastly… KEEP COMING TO CLASS! You WILL see an increase in endurance, strength, and confidence!

Get ready to try something new and believe in yourself!

Click here to sign up for an OCR class.