Youth Programs and Classes

Youth Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja 101
Ninja 101 is our intro class for youth (ages 5+) who have never been to our facility. It is required before enrolling in classes, regardless of skill level. Instructors are trained to work with, and challenge, all skill levels within the class. During this …

Mini Ninjas! Ages 3-5
This instructor-led class is specifically designed for kids ages 3-5, letting them enjoy ninja training on smaller, lower to the ground obstacles, in a safe and fun environment.

Youth Ninja Warrior Classes (ages 5+)
Classes are based on youth skill level (not age). We use a progressive level system that children work their way up as they continue training. This ensures youth of similar skill level are training together in addition to providing an achievable …

Level UP! Assessment Classes
This is an assessment session where our youth ninja complete their test out to move to the next band/skill level. Assessments are standardized and posted on our website – there are no surprises …

Homeschool Ninja Program
Meet & socialize with the NoVa Ninja Homeschool Community while having fun on our challenging obstacle course inspired by American Ninja Warrior. 

Girls Only! Ninja
We want your ninja girl to grow her confidence and courage in all areas of life. In our Girls Only! Ninja class, ninja girls of all levels train together with one of our female coaches. All band levels welcome in this class.

Teens Only! Ninja
Teens build confidence, socialize and train together with one of our awesome ninja coaches. All teens train together, regardless of band level. Ninja 101 is not required for enrollment.

Specialty Youth Fitness Classes

NinjaFIT Kids
NinjaFIT kids is a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for youth. Our goal is to build a positive relationship with fitness and health from an early age for youth. All youth are encouraged to get active in our NinjaFIT … 

Laché Class
There is no skill more crucial (and fun!) than the almighty laché! What is a laché? A laché is when you use your body as momentum to swing and release off of an object on to another. The object can be a bar, grip, net, cannonball, etc…

Flips Class
Flips is a specialty youth class. Learn to flip safely under the supervision of our expert flip coach. Learn simple techniques and basic flips or advance to epic ninja flips off trampolines, walls, and more! The class is capped at 8 …

Grips Class
Located primarily in our second level ninja loft, grip class focuses on obstacles such as the rock wall, devil steps, cliffhanger, pinch carry, and hanging obstacles to quickly develop a stronger grip to improve …

Speed & Balance Class
This agility class works on quick and light feet, maintaining and regaining balance, fast course running, and specific balance obstacles. This class includes obstacles such as the slackline, rolling log, tilting beams, and precision jumps.

Ninja Skills & Drills Class
Work on the skill of the month in our ninja skills and drills. Example – October skill of the month: Rope Climbing (J-hook, Spanish Wrap, Legless).

Private Training

Private Training
Private training available for all services. Single-visit sessions and packages available. E-mail us at for further inquiries.

Family Ninja Night
Single-pass covers one family. Parents are required to supervise youth and encouraged to participate as well. Parent or legal guardian must be present in facility. If a non-immediate family member or friend would like to accompany the …