NoVa Ninja Youth League

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Be a part of the best Youth Ninja Team! Sign Your Kids Up NOW to:

  • Compete alongside 2-Time American Ninja Warrior competitor Casey Passafaro
  • Be Coached twice a week by professional ninjas, competitive climbers, fitness experts, and obstacle course champions
  • Travel to competitions as a team, compete as a team, win as a team!
  • Included Access to NoVa Ninja Night Obstacle Courses & Open Gyms

Team NoVa Ninja’s Mission

Team NoVa Ninja is committed to getting youth involved in lifelong health & fitness through Youth Ninja Training. Ninja Training is exciting multisport training inspired by American Ninja Warrior, Sasuke, Spartan Race, and many other other incredible obstacle course races / leagues. Team NoVa Ninja’s Training and Competitions provide: health benefits; instill life skills such as: self-reliance, creative problem solving, discipline, self-awareness, learning through trial-and-error, learning through instructions; mentorship; and helps create lifelong friendships.

About Team NoVa Ninja

NoVa Ninja Youth Competition Teams are about more than just recreational or competitive ninja obstacles and races!

Being a part of Team NoVa Ninja helps to teach responsibility, accountability, and a healthy lifestyle. Ninja Team Athletes learn that when you devote the time and energy in the right ways you can accomplish amazing feats. NoVa Ninja’s coaches will always keep individual goals of the athletes in mind and work to challenge each child to new limits while maintaining safety and having fun.

Team NoVa Ninja provides an enriching and attentive environment for young athletes. We keep an awesome ratio of one (1) to six (6) Ninja Coach to Ninja Athlete at all times! This ensures all athletes are getting the attention they need to develop mentally and physically.

All Ninja Athletes are expected to be exemplary members of the gym and their household; Going above and beyond to succeed isn’t a switch to simply turn on-and-off!

Team NoVa Ninja Youth League Coaches

Casey Passafaro

Casey Passafaro

Owner / Head Ninja Coach
Casey's Bio

  • NBC’s American Ninja Warrior Season 8 & 9 Competitor
  • CMT’s Broken Skull Challenge – 2016
  • Competitive Obstacle Course Racing
  • CrossFit Level 1 certified, CPR/AED certified, and a board-certified Nurse Practitioner.

Casey Passafaro is a two-season veteran of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.  She has also competed on CMT’s Broken Skull Challenge.  She holds her CrossFit Level 1 certification.  In addition to owning NoVa Ninja & CrossFit Loudoun, she works full-time as an Oncology Nurse Practitioner.  

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